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Fatigue and Durability Testing

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Durability testing is a testing type applied to components to determine their expected life. In another saying, it is a performance testing technique which is used to determine the characteristics of a system or product under various load conditions over time.  Real forces and motions that are collected from a system level can be re-generated and applied to the component to replicate its in-service conditions. Durability tests are required to validate product design in terms of design life.

  • Up to 50 Hz test frequency range in durability tests
  • Up to ±50 kN force range capacity
  • Up to ±75 mm displacement range capacity
  • Translational or rotational directions
  • Uni-axial durbility test bench
  • Tri-axial translational test bench
  • Multi-axis bushing durability test bench
  • Sinusoidal durability tests
    • Advanced peak-valley compansation algorithm
    • Advanced amplitude-phase compansation algorithm
    • Trend monitoring from force and/or displacement responses


  • RLD durability tests
    • Single axis
    • Multi-axis
    • Road load data type based force response
    • Road load data type based displacement response
    • Calculating drive file using MTS-cRPC software by iterations
    • Experience in preparing accelerated response from raw RLD’s.
    • Experience in life prediction from response signal using FEA tools
    • Trend monitoring from force and/or displacement responses

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