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Static FEA Analysis

It is the type of analysis that examines the effects
of time independent loads and constraints on the system. Stress, strain,deformation and contact information on the system can be obtained.

  • As a result of the analysis of structures with linear or non-linear properties, static stiffness calculations can be made with the help of the force-displacement curves of the structure
  • Assembling Analysis that simulates the assembling of two or more than two components.
  • Motion simulations in which the movement of mechanical systems in their operating modes, the loads to the hinge points and subsystems can be calculated.

Dynamic Analysis

It is the type of analysis in which the load and constraints applied to the systems are examined depending on time, frequency, or a certain frequency range. Natural frequency, response to frequency-dependent effects of the system can be obtained.

  • Natural frequencies of the structure can be determined by modal analysis. This feature of the part is an important feature in fulfilment the NVH requirements of the system to which it will be connected.
  • Transient Dynamic analysis is used to calculate the dynamic stiffness and loss angle of the structure depending on frequency and amplitude. The most important feature of the vibration damping elements is determined at the design stage of the building, which saves time and money.

Multibody Dynamic Analysis

  • Kinematic motion simulations are made in the design of the systems in order to predict the forces and displacement amounts resulting from the movements of the rigid parts that make up the system.
  • The vibration or shock loads transmitted from the platform to the system or from the system to the platform are analyzed. The frequency at which the systems should be deposited to the platforms is analyzed. The vibration and shock absorbers are selected accordingly.

MBD-FEA Co-Simulation

It is the type of analysis that Multibody Dynamic analysis and FEA analysis software perform simultaneously. FEA analysis of the test piece attached to a test system is a good example for co-simulation. In each step of the test system simulation, the forces coming to the points where the test piece is connected are transferred to the FEA software as load input.

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